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Imagine you’re playing a game, but not just any game, a game that’s an MMORPG. Now if that isn’t enough, say that this said MMORPG is actually an immersive Virtual Reality that makes you feel like you’re really there! We’re not talking about no headache inducing bright red virtual reality, but true virtually reality where you can walk, and interact with other players and the world around you in the most realistic graphics conceivable.

By the way, did we mention that the way you play this game is by wearing a VR helmet? Pretty neat huh? That is, until you find out that you can’t log off for some reason. Not to mention that if you die or get disconnected from the real outside world, the VR helmet will microwave your brain. Oh? You’re wondering how in the world would you be able to get through this challenge? Well, simply beat all one-hundred floors of the game, including the final boss.

If you’re imagining yourself playing a game like this, you’re actually probably watching one of the most interesting animes to date, Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online started as a series of light novels written by Reki Kawahara. The light novels spread, still ongoing, debuted in August 2009 and through huge popularity and positive response from Japanese readers, an anime of the series of novels was announced in 2011. In 2012, it finally made its way on Adult Swim’s Toonami block on July 2012, to December 2012 .

Sword Art Online has been praised for its amazing pacing and writing. Twelve episodes in, and already two years have passed with the characters immersed in this VR world. This is a very interesting influence for the plot considering it enables to give an interesting psychological influence to our characters, making them forget which world is real anymore.

The series also immerses us in a world where certain gamer’s levels of experience dictates their place in a strange video game realm of sociological roles. Not to mention ones knowledge that exists in the real world is limited based on what the game programming enables you to learn or produce.

Much like its predecessors like .hack//sign, Sword Art Online takes the concept of an immersive virtual reality and turns it into a fun, interesting, and sometimes tragic commentary and reflection of the implications of what could happen if something went wrong with such platform of gaming.

The series has a great collection of characters, but focuses primarily focuses on Kirito who befriends a female player named Asuna. The two, you guessed it, eventually fall in love and must work together to defeat the game’s developer Kayaba Akihiko’s avatar known as SAO. Kirito plays the role of a swordsman and blacksmith while Asuna, who also possesses a sword, plays the role as an Imp like character known as the Undine.

With a cast of interesting characters, psychologically stimulating plot, and of course some good ol’ anime action and battles, it’s no wonder why Sword Art Online has caught the widespread attention internationally as one of the most refreshing animes to date. We at Cosplay House are happy to provide fans of the series with wide selection of swords, cosplay costumes, and wigs. Make this virtual reality based story a real reality for you!


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