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Home :: Shipping and Processing Times

Shipping and Processing Times

Processing Times

COSPLAY HOUSE is a professional tailoring costume company. We do not mass produce products, instead, all of our costumes, wigs, shoes and props are made to order. We use several different tailor teams to hand-make our products. We intend to meet your needs with passion and love, as realistic as a costume can get.

Since our products are made to order, they require a long processing time. When your order is placed, our team will start reviewing the character and plan the costume-making along with designing the pattern. Our team carefully considers and prepares the materials for your Cosplay. In rare instances, some fabrics may become unavailable from our suppliers and we have to use something similar to the original which results in slight differences in design, style, color and materials. We can only work with the best materials we have at the time. Even though the actual cutting and sewing does not take very long, it's the planning, reviewing and preparation of your Cosplay that takes time.

First time costumes will always take a little longer to complete than others, as well as costumes and props with very intricate design and detail. Commission Requests could take twice as long as the normal process time because we have to do research on price, design and detail. It is best to plan and place your Cosplay order ahead of any conventions, parties or special occasions to make sure you receive it on time.

COSTUMES (3-5 weeks)

All costumes take an average time of 3-5 weeks to be hand-made and delivered. We use our own tailor team to construct your costume and they use the best materials that are available at time of production. There will always be slight differences in design, color, materials and style because they are 100% hand-made.

WIGS (2 -3 weeks)

Our wigs are hand-made to order from Kanekalon Japanese fiber and styled to represent the character. We also have a variety of synthetic wigs available for ordering. Average time is 2-3 weeks to hand-make a wig. There will always be slight differences in design, color, and style because they are 100% hand-styled.

SHOES (2-3 weeks)

All shoes are custom made to order and take about 2-3 weeks to be delivered from your order date. We have a limited quantity of shoes in-stock and available for shipping right away, Please contact customer service for inquiries.

PROPS (5-7 weeks)

Our props (such as weapons, masks, swords, helmets, etc.) are completely hand-made to order and take about 5-7 weeks to be delivered. Materials used for our props are wood, plastic, goldy board (soft material), etc. These props are not real weapons and are safe for conventions, pictures and movies. There will be minor differences in size, color and style because they are all hand-made and hand-painted. If you are imagining a super sleek-mass produced production, these “props” are not for you. Please note that some props may take longer to complete due to complicated designs and/or details. We have a limited quantity of in-stock props, please call customer service for inquiries.

COMMISSION REQUESTS & COMMISSION OFFERS (5-7 weeks or more, depending on complexity of design)

This is a place where you can submit a commission if you do not see it on our website. There is no obligation to purchase if you submit one. Once you submit the request, it will take about 7-10 business days for us to do our research and get back to you on price, details, links, etc. It is very important you provide us with enough images. The more detailed they are, they more accurate your costume will be. Please take note of the production times above when submitting a request. These are items that we are making for the first time, and extensive planning and reviewing goes into them.



Additional Information


* All the above are our average processing times. Times may vary due to things such as shipping, or problems during the making of your order. No matter what circumstance, we will try and not exceed past 2 weeks of your expected delivery date.

* Once you have placed your order, it will be queued in line to be processed and submitted to our production teams. We review the orders, and if we happen to catch a problem with your order, we will give you a call or an email for further information. Please note that when this happens, your order will be put on hold until we get an answer from you.

* If we notify you that we cannot make your costume by your desired delivery date, we will also give you a contact. However, if you do not reply back within a week of our notification, we will automatically submit your order with our tailor teams. Cancellation or refunds once an order is placed is not possible. We have given you fair warning.

* We do not have step-by-step updates on the progess of your order. This is why we give you our average processing times. Step-by-step updates are impossible, as our production teams are located overseas from our base of operations, and we have too many orders of different kinds and types to completely organize this feat. You will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number when we ship your order out to you, so you will know when to expect your package to arrive.