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Damaged or Lost Shipment

Contact us at

All packages are inspected for damage before they ship from our warehouse.

All items are thoroughly checked prior to shipping. If an item is damaged or destroyed during the shipping process, please contact or the carrier immediately upon receiving. Please understand that any complaints must be done within 14 days of delivery. For armored costumes/props, complaints on damaged parts must be done within 7 days of delivery. 

We apologize, but we do not accept full refunds. However, we will gladly try and work things out with you in other ways. For all problems related to our products, we will ask you for pictures of the problem areas, and send them to our email at '', with descriptions on the problems. We need these photos so that we can see the problems for ourselves, and we also need to send the pictures to our production teams for further review.

Depending on the damages, we will either offer you a partial refund, or offer you a replacement. Replacement offers on props are only possible if you are located within the USA, sorry for inconveniences.

Please keep in mind that for damaged props, we do not send them damaged. We make sure to ship props that are fit for sale. All damages are done during transit to you by the postal service. This is why we ask you to please do not treat us rudely when/if you receive your prop damaged, and give us a little leeway, as we will try our best to work things out with you.

We are not responsible for any damages done to costumes or props during wear and tear, and we will not accept complaints after 14 days of delivery time has passed. Our products are durable, but are not meant to be treated roughly, especially our props.

If your package was insured (large orders only look for the blue bar-coded label on the outside of the box), please immediately take the entire contents of your shipment, along with the packaging it came in, to your local post office and present it for an insurance claim. The Post Office will keep your items as proof of your claim. You will be asked to fill out a PS-1000 form, which will then be forwarded back to us. Once we receive the PS-1000, we will then replace your damaged items (if possible), or issue you a full refund including shipping.

If you never recieve your package, but your tracking number states that it has been delivered, you must contact the shipping company to see what may have happened to your package. We are not responsible for packages lost, when delivery has been confirmed.

If you miss a package's delivery/gave insufficient address, and it is shipped back to us here in Southern California, you are responsible for payment of re-delivery. Please note that we are not responsible for any packages being held back by international customs, and we are not responsible if the package gets shipped back to us due to your government shipping customs. 

Our production teams are not in the same location as us, they are located overseas.... and so if it gets shipped back to their location, and not to us in Southern California.... the item will be destroyed due to international shipping costs, and you will have to repurchase your order.

Minimum time limit for filling for shipments that are lost in the mail with USPS is 30 days.



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