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Home :: Cosplayhouse 2nd Contest

Cosplayhouse 2nd Contest

Hello, Cosplayers!

Welcome to our second $100 gift certificate contest of the year! Here is your chance to win up to a $200 gift certificate for our company,

Cosplay House! Before entering, please make sure you have ‘liked’ our Facebook page (

Tell all your friends! Previous winners are welcome to enter, but the costume must be different from your last entry.

This contest is a race for whoever can get the most ‘likes’ on their submission until the end of this contest (July 4th)!

The grand prize for the most ‘likes’ out of our contestants will win a $200 gift certificate with our company,

and five runner-up contestants will win a $100 gift certificate!

The race is on!!! Anybody who gets 50+ likes on their entry will get a complimentary T-shirt of a random anime (:

Everything will be done here on this event page! Please follow the link below, but you must be signed up with Facebook!

Post your photos on your Facebook, and post your link on the event page!


For your entry, all you have to do is post a positive review of us, and feature one of our costumes (or more, if you wish)!

The costume you are wearing MUST be purchased from our company!

You can post your photo on Facebook, Tumblr, or any other hosting sites (we will judge if it is eligible, though Facebook is preferred).

Post a nice, good quality, full body shot of you wearing one of our costumes.

You must include a 3 paragraphed review of the costume and/or our website.

Please enter a link to our website (, and a tag to our Facebook at the end of the paragraph (:

Please introduce yourself with your full name, and also the character you are cosplaying as, and what series they are from.

If you purchased your costume through a different name, please let us know by sending us a message.

Your name is how we are going to search for your order, and it will be your proof that you have bought the costume from our company (:


Since we have many more fans on our Facebook page than last time (thank you!),

we are hoping for more contestants!  Have your friends help you (we will also count ‘likes’ on shared posts!),

spread the word, and become a STAR!

Well…..  at least, a star in our eyes (:

This contest will be going on from now until July 4th. Good luck, everyone!


If you wanted to check out our previous winners,

take a look at our previous event page here:

cosplay 2nd contest


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