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Commission Request

What is Commission Request?

If you search high and wide for a cosplay costume, prop, shoes, etc, and can't seem to find it available on our website, you can submit a Commission Request for it! Commission Requests are requests by you, the customer, for us to make a product that has not yet been made by our company before. Commission Requests are simply concept product ideas that you provide for us to make!

Submitting a Commission Request

Most questions you have/will have about Commission Requests will probably be covered in this page, so please read everything thoroughly before emailing for questions!
Hello! Thanks for choosing us, Cosplay House, for your Commission Request needs! Before you proceed in submitting your request, please read all of these messages thoroughly before submitting, as we have a few guidelines you need to follow.

We accept requests for costumes, props, shoes, and wigs. All pictures you submit have to be of a good size, and clear quality. We will NOT make your request if you only provide one angle of the product, or if the pictures are in such bad quality that we cannot make out what the details are. Personally drawn references are more than welcome.

Just think with common sense when submitting any request; see if the images are eligible, and think whether it will indeed be possible for us to make (though you are free to ask, and we can see if we can give it a shot).
Please do refrain from submitting more than 5 requests at a time, and DO NOT upload commissions that you are not planning on purchasing. Our Commission Request system is free for submission, but we encourage you to only upload if you are fully committed to buy it. We will understand if you cannot purchase upon upload, but please refrain from solely submitting "ideas". Uploading commissions take a lot of time as it is, please be easy on us! Thank you!

What you need to do:
1. Please specify what you are commissioning for (example: wig). Be very clear on the anime/series name, and the character/product's name. We are a cosplay company, but even we do not know of all the thousands of different series out there ;)

2. You must provide pictures that include details of the front, back, and sides of the product. If you do not meet these requirements, our tailor teams will not have a full understanding on how to make your request.

3. If the product has a defining part/detail, for example a Power Ranger's morpher design, then we will need a big and clear image of it. If not, then we will not make it, or it may come out incorrect (which of course you don't want).

4. If the request you are commissioning for is custom, such as fanart, gijinka, fanmade gender-bender, etc, then we will need more detailed pictures and angles of the costume/product. If these are designed by other people, please make sure you have received their permission for us to use their artwork/designs on our website.

What we do:
1. Review your request, and send you an email confirmation on whether or not we will be able to make your request. If yes, then we provide you with the link to the product, and you can see the quote there, and purchase it if you wish.
You are not obligated to purchase upon upload.

2. This process can take anywhere from a week to over a month, as we get many commissions every day.
Please be patient, as WE will email YOU. If you are short on time, submitting a Commission Request with us is not for you.

Processing Your Order:
1. Upon full payment and purchase, Commission Requests take anywhere from 5-7 weeks or more to make, depending on the details of the product. This does NOT include shipping time.

2. We cannot do rush orders on Commission Requests, and so a time frame is not allowed.

3. We accept Visa, Master card, Discover, and Paypal. Money Orders are acceptable only in the US.

4. Shipping takes 3-5 business days for in-state orders (US).
International orders (outside of the US) takes around 6-10 business days.


Please note that though these are requests customers are personally submitting, the designing and finished product for all Commission Requests will be up to our production teams; meaning we will not be responsible for your dissatisfaction on personal opinions on how the request "should have" turned out. We will, however, take note and see what we can do if there are mistakes in the actual design of the product (I.E. design on a shirt is incorrect). If you want to get a better idea of how your Commission Request may turn out, check out our main page, or surf through our website to get a better idea on how our production teams handle making cosplay costumes/products. Commission Requests may vary in design and color depending on the images you provide. Please make sure all images are relatively the same in design and color when submitting a Commission Request.



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