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Vocaloid Wigs

Vocaloid Wigs are a very popular wig product at We have all different kinds of characters' Vocaloid Wigs are available for anyone. The wigs come in all different style and colors to fit right with the characters on Vocaloid.

Vocaloid was developed by the Yamaha Corporation which is a singing synthesizer application software that allows users to synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and melody. How the Vocaloid works is simple. When creating a song through this software, the user needs to input the melody and lyrics. The melody is inputted by the piano roll type interface and the lyrics can be entered on each of the notes. The software allows you to do many creative effects with the song you are creating. All Vocaloid software is sold with a singer in a box. This created the Vocaloid characters.

There are many characters in the Vocaloid. The current characters listed are Leon, Lola, Miriam, Meiko, and Kaito. From Vocaloid 2 are: Sweet Ann, Miku Hatsune, Rin/Len Kagamine, Prima, Gakupo Kamui, Luka Megurine, Gumi, Sonika, SF-A2 miki, Yuki Kaai, Kiyoteru Hiyama, Big Al, and Miku Append. Created by Crypton Future Media; Miku Hatsune was the first character to be installed in the Vocaloid 2 Character Vocal Series. Miku Hatsune, meaning the fist sound to the future is the most popular Vocaloid. Miku was updated with six new voice banks by Saki Fujita: soft, sweet, dark, vivid, solid, and light on April 30, 2010. Miku's voice was upgraded in different tones because fans were giving negative complaints on her voice. They were saying her voice was being over used and that her voice has come to an annoying part. After the upgrade to her voices, the negative complaints have decreased and everyone started liking Miku positively.

At Miku Hatsune is also the well known and popular Vocaloid character. In our Vocaloid Wigs selections, we have Miku Hatsune Version 1-4. Miku Hatsune Version 01 is designed in short neon blue color and comes with two long ponytails that clip onto the sides of the whole wig. The version 2 has the same design but different color. The color of the version 2 wig is more of a darker neon blue colored wig. Version 3 is also designed the same style with a different color. Its color is more like a light sky blue colored wig. We designed the wigs with many colors so our costumer can choose in variety from what they would most likely prefer. Miku Hatsune Version 04 is designed differently than the other versions posted on the Vocaloid Wigs selection. The color of the wig is the same with Miku Hatsune Version 01, neon blue. But the style is very different. The whole hair is short with the bangs going straight across. The two ponytails that come along is a medium sized measurement and is styled in curls.

You can choose to wear different characters' wigs from our Vocaloid Wigs selection! If does not have the character you wanted, then request it on our Commission Request board and we'll get back to you with more detailed information. We also don't only have Vocaloid Wigs at We have Vocaloid costumes, props, accessories, shoes, etc.