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Sailor Moon Shoes

Is something wrong with your Sailor Moon costume? Does it just not seem right? Well of Course! You forgot the shoes!!! You can now finish your looks with the perfect Sailor Moon Shoes sold here at! We have many different kinds of character's shoes on our website for you. Not only do we have shoes! We have props, wigs, costumes; accessories, etc. just name them!

Sailor Moon is also translated as Pretty soldier Sailor Moon which is created by Naoko Takeuchi. There are ten teenage girls who are the main characters who transform into heroines. They are named after the moon and planets, and the meaning of Sailor comes from a popular Japanese girls' school uniform. In the story, they battle the evil forces around the solar system which was once spanned by the reincarnated defender of a kingdom.

The character's names are: Usagi Tsukino, a carefree schoolgirl with a big capacity for love and also known for Sailor Moon at Heroine times.

Ami Mizuno, a quiet bookworm with high intelligent and also known as Sailor Mercury acquiring power over all phases of water.

Rei Hino, a very serious, focused, self-controlled and is not interested in romance. Rei is also known as Sailor Mars and can manipulate fire.

Makoto Kino, a very tall and strong Japanese schoolgirl. Makoto is also known as Sailor Jupiter and attacks with lightning and has some control over plants. Minako Aino, dreaming to become a famous singer is also known for Sailor Venus, Soldier of Love who leads Sailor Moon's four inner guardians. Chibiusa, who is the future daughter of Usagi and Mamoru she learns to become into Sailor Chibi Moon.

Setsuna Meioh, a very stern college student with a distant personality and can be very friendly. Setsuna Meioh is also known as Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of Time, protecting the Space-Time. Michiru Kaioh is a talented violinist with precognition and is very elegant and personable. Michiru Kaioh is also known as Sailor Neptune, channeling the power of the ocean.

Haruka Tenoh, who always dreamed of becoming a racer. Haruka is also known as Sailor Uranus the Soldier of the Sky.

Hotaru Tomoe is a sweet lonely young girl and is also known as Sailor Saturn, Soldier of Silence.

At we have shoes for every single character described above. As a quick description Sailor Neptune Version 1 Cosplay shoes are designed just like the image of Sailor Neptune. It's a ballerina shoe like flats with a short heel or you can choose a wedge heel for extra comfort from Sailor Neptune Version 2. The ribbons on the shoes wrap around your ankles comfortably and give a point to your shoes. The color used for our Sailor Moon Shoes are filled with rich solid colors.

Now…. Ready to have your Sailor Moon outfit perfectly worn? Take a look at the Sailor Moon Shoes and get your sizes! We can also custom make your Sailor Moon Shoes just for your feet to slip in comfortably. Just have your measurements ready and don't forget to tell us! Do we not have the exact Sailor Moon Shoes posted on Click on our Commission Request and upload the image you want us to make for you! We'll take a look at it and contact you through your email!