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Home :: Resident Evil Costume

Resident Evil Costume introduces you to Resident Evil Costumes!!! Resident Evil has video games, films released, novels and comics, and even merchandises such as toys and action figures. A lot of people know Resident Evil because of the series of movies it came out. Many children like to dress up in Resident Evil Costumes because in the movies it’s all about action. And you know… children like to act like super heroes in movies who fight all the bad guys!

Resident Evil is set at The Hive which is known as an underground research laboratory deep under Raccoon City. A company called Umbrella; which is a huge corporation that has product in homes all over the world runs the laboratory. In the laboratory, they make Biological Weapons of War for the military secretly and specialize in viral weaponry. The main character is the security operatives placed in a mansion where the secret entrance to labs is located.

Resident Evil is a story where the T-virus starts all the action. The virus gets released into The Hive and turns all the employees to zombies. Once you get a single scratch or bite from the zombies… Boom! Your one of them. Other employees who did not get infected with the virus runs and attempts to reach the Red Queen, which is the super computer in the lab. Reaching the Red Queen and working with it was the only way to stop spreading the virus. Now… getting to the Red Queen is impossible, because they have to go through all the mutant dogs, lasers and a genetically altered beast called The Licker. Every time The Licker slays a victim its strength increases.

When you click on Resident Evil Costume on we have two characters displayed. The characters are Alice Abernathy and Sherry Birkin. Alice Abernathy’s costume is made of high quality cotton with the color of red. Alice Abernathy’s pants are simple black super short pants. The other Resident Evil Costume on our display is Sherry Birkin. Her costume is designed the way it came out from the comic books. Her costume looks like a school uniform. You can see these kinds of designed uniforms usually around Asia. The t-shirt and pants are designed for our customers to wear comfortably and sufficiently. Resident Evil Costume is popular amongst women because of the color and the sexy look!

Resident Evil Costumes also have patches sold now. Also if there are any other products you would like that do not show up on you can click on our Commission Request and upload the picture of the product you’d like and we’ll take a look and contact you through your email. If you want the right size to fit your body perfectly, you can also ask us to make it a custom made just for you! Just give us the right size for your measurements and we get right to work designing your outfit!