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Home :: Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

Nightmare Before Christmas costumes are available at by commission request. These costumes are so unique that we would prefer that you register on our site before making requests for the Nightmare Before Christmas costumes. Please indicate which character or characters that you would like a tailored costume for and include your size and measurements. will custom tailor your Nightmare Before Christmas costumes and ship them directly to your front door.

Tim Burton's classsic fantasy tale introduces Jack Skellington, a resident of Halloween Town, who is also known as the pumpkin king. Halloween Town is home to terrifying folks whose primary purpose in life is to scare people. In the story, Jack Skellington, has become tired of Halloween and no longer gets any joy out of scaring innocent people so, after the most recent Halloween celebration, Jack decides to take a walk through the woods with his dog, Zero. After some time, Jack and his dog stumble upon some curious doors that appear to lead to other holidays and decide to open a door adorned with a decorated tree.

After going through the decorated door, Jack falls down a hole and lands in Christmas Town. Jack becomes intrigued by everything that he sees in Christmas Town especially all of the colorful trees, decorations and snow! Jack leaves Christmas Town and goes back to share everything that he has seen with the citizens of Halloweentown. The townsfolk act interested but Jack can tell that they really do not understand this new concept of Christmas whereby a jolly old man in a bright red suit rides a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer to deliver gifts to the children of the world. Jack then secludes himself in his laboratory to begin experiments on ways to bring Christmas to Halloweentown.

Ultimately, Jack's experiments fail yet he devises a plan to kidnap Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and, instead, deliver scary gifts to the children. Jack employs the town scientist to animate some skeletal reindeer and asks his love interest, Sally, to make him a Santa Claus suit.

Come Christmas Eve, Jack's plan is in full motion and Santa Claus has been kidnapped and held hostage. Jack then begins his trip to deliver his scary presents but suddenly his sleigh is shot down out of the sky. Jack awakens in a graveyard and realizes that he has ruined Christmas so he hurrys back to town to release Santa Claus.

The Nightmare Before Christmas costumes availabe at will allow you to portray any of the frightful characters of Halloweentown. Many toys and clothing lines have spawned from this fantastic movie including many Nightmare Before Christmas costumes that any cosplayer would be proud to wear. Contact Cosplayhouse today for your special made Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes!