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Home :: SIZE PROBLEMS on Costumes/Shoes

SIZE PROBLEMS on Costumes/Shoes

Size Problems on Costumes and/or Shoes

If you received your order and it does not fit, and you feel that the measurement problem is due to the fault of our tailor teams, please send the complaints to "". We apologize beforehand, but we do not accept full refunds. However, we will gladly try and work things out with you in other ways.

For size problems, we will need to see pictures of the product's measurements. We need these photos so that we can see the size problems for ourselves, and help you from there. If the product's measurement problem is truly the fault of our tailors, we will remake the item for you for free! Just know that we will only be fixing the size to the measurements you originally provided, we will NOT add more or less to the measurements you originally put down.

Remember, all complaints must be done within 14 days of delivery date.  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


How to Send Photos for costumes


If you can, please send us a full body picture of you wearing the costume, front and back. If you cannot fit into the costume, please take a full body picture of yourself front and back with simple clothing on. We can use your photos to send to our tailors if we need to, so that they can get a better idea on how the costume should fit you.

To take pictures of the costume, you must lay the costume on a flat surface, and measure from one end of the costume's problem area to the other using a measuring tape. Please always use inches, so that it is easier to see. For example, if there was a problem with the chest measurement, you must measure from one end of the chest to the other. Once you have the measuring tape laid across the chest, take a full picture of it, and also one close up of the measurement.

Take photos of all the measurement problems you have. Please make sure the pictures are clear quality, and easy to read. Make sure that the costume is completely flat, and any buttons are buttoned. When measuring, make sure the measuring tape is all the way at the edges.


**If the pictures do not meet our standards, we will ask you to retake your photos.**


Here are a few photo examples of what you need to do.


For the Chest measurement:

Waist measurement:

Hip measurement:



Just remember, our costumes are all made to fit an average adult size. Check out our size chart to the left of our website, and see our average sizing. We only accept complaints on sizing that was specified by you. For example, instead of choosing TAILOR MADE as a size option, and you opted to just give us the usual (Chest, Waist, and Hip) measurements, we will not allow complaints on something like "thigh measurement" problems. If you feel you have measurements that are not normal than others, such as a wider shoulder than most, then it is best to include that in the "customer notes" section provided for you when you are inputting your information.


How to Send Photos for shoes


Sending photos of shoe's problems is basically the same as sending photos for a costume's size problem. If the shoes are too big/small for you, just measure the bottom of the shoe from the heel to the tip, and take a full picture shot of the measurement. The photo must be clear and easy to read. If you have trouble with the circumference of the boots, just lay the boots flat, and measure from one edge of the boot's opening to the other, and take a full picture shot of this measurement.


Shoe size:




If the size problem is your fault

If your costume or shoes does not fit you, and it is your fault, you are unfortunately not qualified for a free remake.... however, we do offer to remake the product for you at a discounted price. Price depends on the item, so please feel free to contact us for this option.