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Home :: Costumes :: Clearance Costume :: SIZE X-Large :: Princess Tutu -- Rue Cosplay Costume - IN STOCK - Female XL


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Princess Tutu -- Rue Cosplay Costume - IN STOCK - Female XL

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Princess Tutu -- Rue Cosplay Costume - IN STOCK - Female XL
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Character Name Rue
Title Name Princess Tutu
Package Includes Shirts + Skirts + Jacket + Brooch
Product Information
Market price: USD 126.83
Our price: USD 61.95
Final Price: USD 49.56


Rue is a very difficult character to read. When the tale begins, she is in a relationship with Mytho more just because than anything else, yet once Mytho is threatened from being taken away from her by gaining his heart, she finds that she does indeed care. As her feelings are revealed to herself, and Mytho is pulled farther and farther away from her into Princess Tutu's arms another side of her appears.

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