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Home :: Props :: Cosplay Props :: Odin Sphere :: Odin Sphere Cosplay Prop -- Oswald Sword Version 01

  What is Commission Request

Commission Requests are concept product ideas that you,
the customer, has suggested for us to make.
If there are no pictures of the actual product, this means
that it is an item that has not yet been made by
our company before.


Odin Sphere Cosplay Prop -- Oswald Sword Version 01

Odin Sphere Cosplay Prop -- Oswald Sword Version 01
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Character Name Oswald
Title Name Odin Sphere
Market price: USD 264.53
Our price: USD 85.95

Shadow Knight Oswald (voiced by Derek Stephen Prince in English and Susumu Chiba in Japanese), orphaned human agent of the Ringford fairies, is the protagonist of the fourth story, The Black Sword. He wields a crystal-tipped Psypher sword, and is renowned as a dragon slayer. Abandoned at a young age, he was taken in by the nephew of the fairy queen, Melvin. Oswald lives to serve his adoptive father and carries out the orders and duties assigned to him with reckless abandon, wielding his blade with an unrivaled skill known throughout all the kingdoms. He is betrayed by his adoptive father, and eventually comes to work for Odin, agreeing to slay one of the last dragons in return for a castle, Gwendolyn's spear, and Gwendolyn herself. He defeats the dragon and claims the ring Titrel as spoils, much to Odin's outrage. His story ends with him rescuing Gwendolyn from Onyx, the Inferno King who is infatuated with her, and returning to the castle he won for slaying the dragon Wagner, and concludes with him kissing Gwendolyn to break her enchanted sleep.

Processing Time

Costumes take an average of 3-5 weeks.

Wigs take an average of 2-3 weeks.

Shoes take an average of 2-3 weeks.

Armor Costumes and Props take an average of 6-8 weeks.

Commission Request items take an added 2-3 weeks or more, on top of the average processing times.

Times may vary depending on the complexity of style or lack of materials. Please note that our products may take longer than our average processing times, and so if you have a time frame, please adjust accordingly.
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1. As you already know our props are 100% custom hand-made and convention safe.

2. Materials used for our props are wood, plastic, goldy board(soft material), and etc (we do not use real metal/steel/etc except for on some accessories). Our props should be handled with care, and are not usable as real weapons.

3. There will be a minor difference in size, color and style because it is hand-made.

4. These props are NOT real weapons, which means it's only for use in conventions, pictures and movies, are not made of real metal/steel/etc, and are not actual working products (no working lights, machinery, etc)

5. If you are imagining a super sleek mass production product; these props are not for you. There will be some visible signs where the props have been made by human hands. Please make a note of it.

6. All helmets and props are made to fit an average adult size, prop sizes are NOT adjustable. If you need more information on sizes of props, please feel free to email us.


Props take an average of 6 to 8 weeks to be processed and made. Commission Request props take 8 to 10 weeks or more.

Times may vary depending on the details of the prop. This does not include shipping time.

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Cosplay Props

Odin Sphere Cosplay Prop -- Oswald Sword Version 01
Our price:USD 85.95

Odin Sphere

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Odin Sphere -- Gwendolyn Cosplay Costume Version 01 Odin Sphere -- Velvet Cosplay Costume Version 01
Our price:USD 283.95

Sale Price: USD 241.36
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Cosplay Props

Odin Sphere Cosplay Prop -- Oswald Sword Version 01 Odin Sphere Cosplay Prop -- Gwendolyn Spear Version 01 Odin Sphere Cosplay Prop -- Velvet Chain Version 01
Our price:USD 85.95
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Our price:USD 118.00

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