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Home :: Costumes :: Signature Series :: Signature Series Cosplay Costumes :: Nagasarete Airantou :: Nagasarete Airantou -- Chikage Cosplay Costume

  signature Series

These costumes are made of 100% cotton. Signature Series costumes
are not adjustable in any way;meaning any changes in design, color,
etc, is not possible.


Nagasarete Airantou -- Chikage Cosplay Costume

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Nagasarete Airantou -- Chikage Cosplay Costume
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Character Name Chikage
Title Name Nagasarete Airantou
Package Includes Kimono vest, shirt, skirt, belt
Product Information
Market price: USD 85.74
Our price: USD 64.94
Final Price: USD 45.46


Chikage is obsessed with scientific research, and wants Ikuto for the sole purpose of examining a real male and learning about the world beyond the island from him. She collects things that drift in from the modern world and plans on adding Ikuto to her collection, seeing him as a potentially invaluable source of information.

Processing Time

Costumes take an average of 3-5 weeks.

Wigs take an average of 2-3 weeks.

Shoes take an average of 2-3 weeks.

Props and Accessories take an average of 4-7 weeks.

Commission Request items take an added 2-3 weeks or more, on top of the average processing times.

Times may vary depending on the complexity of style or lack of materials. Please note that our products may take longer than our average processing times, and so if you have a time frame, please adjust accordingly.
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Nagasarete Airantou -- Chikage Cosplay Costume
USD 64.94
Final Price: USD 45.46

Nagasarete Airantou

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1. Wigs, shoes, and props (ex. helmets/swords) are sold separately, unless stated otherwise.

2. If you are not sure on how to measure, you can refer to our "How To Measure" section.

3. Depending on your computer's color resolution, some of our product's colors may appear different from the actual product.

4. Our custom sizes may be different from others, so please refer to our size chart below.

5. We do not sell costume items individually.

6. Our tailor teams include playroom, about 1-2 inches

7. Our costumes are made for cosplay purposes, and so wearability as normal clothing is limited.

8. No color or design alterations can be done on any Signature Series costumes.


Our Signature Series costumes takes an average of 3-5 weeks to be made and delivered. Delivery times may vary.