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Home :: Shoes :: Cosplay Boots :: Meine Liebe :: Meine Liebe -- Orpherus Cosplay Boots Version 01

Meine Liebe -- Orpherus Cosplay Boots Version 01

Meine Liebe -- Orpherus Cosplay Boots Version 01
Array Array
Character Name Orpherus
Title Name Meine Liebe
Product Information
Market price: USD 100.80
Our price: USD 59.95


Orpherus is nicknamed "Orphe" by most of the people around him. His title F?rst, is the highest of all characters and means a prince, but neither the anime nor the manga shows that he is really royalty and that's because when it comes to royal and noble ranks in Germany the highest is Emperor (Kaiser). Despite all that, little is known about his house or his parents. All that is known is that they have a butler and that Orphe had a sister, named Robertine, who died when he was 15. Orphe was devastated after her death, and has the habit of caressing the pendant Robertine's fianc? gave her and which Orphe took from the rubble of the explosion site.

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Cosplay Boots

Meine Liebe -- Orpherus Cosplay Boots Version 01
USD 59.95

Meine Liebe

Cosplay Costumes

Meine Liebe -- Camus Cosplay Costume
USD 128.95

Cosplay Boots

Meine Liebe -- Orpherus Cosplay Boots Version 01
USD 59.95



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