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Most questions can be answered if you take a look at our Help Desk section. Go to the bottom left of our webpage (:

1. How long does it take to make your products? What's your shipping cost?

Costumes take an average of 3-5 weeks. Wigs take an average of 2-3 weeks. Shoes take an average of 2-3 weeks. Props and Accessories take an average of 4-7 weeks. Commission Request items take an added 2-3 weeks or more, on top of the average processing times. Times may vary depending on the complexity of style or lack of materials. Please note that our products may take longer than our average processing times due to them being made-to-order, and so if you have a time frame, please adjust accordingly.

Shipping costs

Costumes and Shoes:  $24.95

Signature Series costumes and Premium Shoes: $24.95

Accessories: $9

Props: $30+ depending on size and weight

Armored Costumes: 10% of sale price

Premium Costumes: $29.95


Less than $30 => $10.75

$30 - $40 => $11.65

$40 - $50 => $12.65

$50 - $60 => $13.65

More than $60 => $14.65


2. Why does this product not have an actual picture, and only screenshots/artwork/etc?

If there are no pictures of the actual product, this means it is a Commission Request item. Commission Requests are concept product ideas that you, the customer, has requested for us to make. So, these are products we have not yet made before, which is why there are no pictures yet. When a customer orders the Commission Request, we start working on it, and upload the picture upon completion. So, we do not have any pictures of the product to offer you on hand.

If you wanted to know more about how Commission Requests work, or is interested in submitting one, please click here.

3. Do you have step-by-step updates on costumes?

No, we do not have step-by-step updates, which is why we provide customers our average processing times. Step-by-step updates are impossible, as our production teams are located overseas from our base of operations, and too many orders to completely organize this feat.

You will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number when we ship your order out to you, so you will know when to expect your package to arrive.


4. You guys haven't replied to me for several days, why are you ignoring me!
We apologize, and do not mean to skip emails. We only have one or two representatives replying to emails (85% of the time only one), and so replies can sometimes be slow, depending on how many emails we get a day. If at first you don't succeed, do try to email us again, as there are the chances it may have been accidentally overlooked, or sent to spam mail.
Also keep in mind that we are close on the weekends, so will be slower on the reply if you contacted us starting Friday. We will get to you as soon as we can

5. What's your policy on refunds/exchanges?

Our products are made-to-order; all props are handmade, costumes and shoes are made-to-order and made to your specific measurements, and wigs are styled-to-order as well. Because of these, we do not accept refunds or exchanges on our products.
We do, however, offer remakes or discounts on things depending on the situation, and only if the problems were the fault of our production teams. You can read a more detailed policy here.

This is why we encourage you to make sure you have done your measurements correctly. Please take a look at our How To Measure section for step-by-step help!


6. My package arrived broken / My costume does not fit, what should I do?

As stated above, we apologize, but we do not accept full refunds. However, we will gladly try and work things out with you in other ways. For all problems related to our products, we will ask you for pictures of the problem areas, and send them to our email at '', with descriptions on the problems. We need these photos so that we can see the problems for ourselves, and we also need to send the pictures to our production teams for further review. For a more detailed policy, please click here.

For measurement problems, if you truly feel that it was the fault of our tailor teams, you must take pictures of the product's measurements. You can CLICK HERE for more information on how to submit your size complaint.

7. Can you make costumes for children?

Since all of our costumes are tailor made, and made to order, sure we can make costumes in children's sizes for you. All you have to do is choose "TAILOR MADE" when choosing the size, select your measuring unit (inches or cm), and from there, input all of the child's individual measurements. Also please include in the customer notes section that the costume is intended for a child. There will be no differences in the price. We unfortunately cannot do children sizes under 4 feet tall, and we do not make costume for children for the following costumes: Signature Series, Armored Costumes, Premium Costumes.


8. Do you guys sell your items anywhere else on the internet?

We only work off "Cosplay House", and our website is "". We do not have any other company name, and we do not sell anywhere else other than through our website. If you have bought things from other company names or different websites, it is NOT our company!

9. Why is my order taking so long??

Please check our average processing times. Often, our customers unfortunately do not read our processing times that are included on every product page, right above where you input your sizes in the product details. Our products require a few weeks time to make, unless it is an IN STOCK item. Since our costumes are tailor made and made-to-order, time frames always differ, depending on how busy of a season it is, how detailed your order is, etc. If we pass the average processing time by 2 weeks, we apologize and will look into it for you. If we happen to miss any deadlines, we will be more than happy to compensate you.

Trust our production teams to do their job, and if not, like stated above, we will work things out with you. Let's try and make every transaction pleasant 


10. Why is my Commission Request taking so long / I am not satisfied with my Commission Request, what can I do?

Please note that these are requests are concept costume designs that customers have submitted, and so these are things that our production teams have yet to know how to make. This meaning that, though we state it will take about 5-7 weeks, it may exceed longer than 7 weeks depending on the details of the product. Our production teams need time to study the product, make patterns, find the right materials, and have time for trial and error. This is also why we usually do not accept time frames on Commission Request items.

The designing and finished product will be up to our production teams; meaning we will not be responsible for your dissatisfaction on personal opinions on how the request "should have" turned out. We will, however, take note and see what we can do if there are mistakes in the actual design of the product (I.E. design on a shirt is incorrect). Commission Requests may vary in design and color, depending on the type of reference pictures the customer submitted to us when making the request.

If you want to get a better idea of how your Commission Request may turn out, check out our main page, as most of the costumes featured were Commission Request items that did not have the picture of an actual product before. Or, surf through our website to get a better idea on how our production teams handle making cosplay costumes/products.


11. You guys have my artwork/cosplay/etc on your website!!

If we ever have any of your personal work on our website, and you want us to take it down, please do not hesitate to ask. We do not condone images that belong to other people on our website, so we will gladly take it down for you. The reason your work may have gone on our website, is because of a customer submitting a Commission Request that pertains to your images. We try to filter out photos, but we get so many submissions that sometimes they unfortunately get overlooked, and uploaded.

The way our Commission Request system works is, our customers are free to submit requests and cosplay ideas through a link on our website. Since it is free of charge, we get many uploads and requests daily. Customers submit reference photos of how the costume should look, and a lot of times the pictures are not "official" pictures. Be assured that we are usually careful when it comes to filtering out photos that are fanart, personal cosplays, etc.

Our commission request teams work their best to filter out pictures of fanart and other people's personally made cosplays.... but with so many uploads, and sometimes pictures looking very close to the official artwork, we overlook it. So, we apologize if your picture made it through on to our website, but just kindly let us know by email, and we will take it down immediately!


12. Do you ship to countries outside of the USA?

Yes, we accept orders internationally/worldwide. If there is the off chance that we cannot deliver the package to you, we will make sure to let you know by email right away.

If there were still questions unanswered, please feel free to email us at ''

Thanks for reading!


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