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In this series, Assiah (Earth) and the upper levels of Hell (Gehenna) are mirror images of each other. As mankind polluted and destroyed the Earth, the lands of Hell also began to weaken. Taking advantage of their creator's sleep and the weakening of their enemies, the angels of heaven wage war on the Evil race (a group of demons who have turned away from the Devil, Lucifer and God; they live in Gehenna and worship "Holy Dragon Gods"), wiping most of them out. In doing this the angels fighting the war are corrupted. They commit vile crimes and murders under the name of God and righteousness. This deeply sickened Organic Angel Alexiel. She feels that the Evils are more pure in their actions since they do not put up a charade of purity to cover their crimes. She joins the Evils' side of the war and declares an official revolt against God.

Angel Sanctuary

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Angel Sanctuary -- Archangel Jibril Cosplay Costume Angel Sanctuary -- Archangel Michael Cosplay Costume Angel Sanctuary -- Setsuna Mudou Cosplay Costume Version 01 Angel Sanctuary -- Setsuna Mudou Cosplay Costume Version 02
Market price: USD 368.00 save 55%
Our price: USD 166.95

Sale Price: USD 141.91
Market price: USD 161.93 save 26%
Our price: USD 119.95

Sale Price: USD 101.96
Market price: USD 197.03 save 26%
Our price: USD 145.95

Sale Price: USD 124.06
Market price: USD 197.03 save 26%
Our price: USD 145.95

Sale Price: USD 124.06
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Angel Sanctuary -- Rosiel Cosplay Costume Version 01 Angel Sanctuary -- Male Uniform Cosplay Costume Version 01
Market price: USD 202.00 save 15%
Our price: USD 172.00

Sale Price: USD 146.20
Market price: USD 102.95 save 13%
Our price: USD 89.95

Sale Price: USD 76.46
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